• junephilippines

    the roller coaster is the best…

  • robin yates

    all good as usual

  • Equalizer

    Megan Fox is HOT!!!…

    • Jawbone

      Sittin' in front of a WHOOOLE lot of things she doesn't have the ability to utilize.

  • P-90

    What the fuck is that in the red headband.

  • Alp

    #2 the uncensored version could be used at Guantanamo Bay as a torture device

  • Wait..What?

    well, lets see, what do I want to say, well, nothing really, but I thought it was very nice to the chive to give me a place to say what ever I want to, so right now I am going to talk about cats. I had a cat once, it was all right, I have had dogs too, I am not sure if I prefer one over the other but there are good dogs and good cats, and shitty dogs and shitty cats. So I guess I would take a good cat over a shitty dog, like a toy poodle. Godamn those are a waste of space. But I would take a average german sheppard over a good cat. But I would take unusual pet like a racoon over an average dog. Or a sloth would rock unless they just hung on my furniture and shit on the floor. That would get old really fast.

    HEy you scrolled down!! I was testing you and you passed with flying colors!!! Lets try it again.

    Yea, you did it again!!!!!!!!!

    See ya.

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