• robin yates

    I have a very high regard of the Japanese nation,,,,,,,,,,,crazy people the world over

  • Digitsis

    The inscrutable Oriental is a myth – these people are crazy

  • Digitsis

    and the chick with the eyelashes… looks like props from a great Japanese horror film:Exte. Watch it – creepy and crazy as only Japanese horror films can be.

  • Blefade

    Um…pretty sure the indoor beach is in Dubai, not japan!

    • King of Taisho

      wrong. It is Japan. Down in Miyazaki in Kyushu. They even have surfing in it. Dubai probably has one too though.

  • Alex.O_O

    The last one was pretty hilarious, fake or otherwise

  • K

    This is fucking retarded. Half those things aren't even from Japan and some of those that were Japanese weren't even that weird. If you think about where or why those pictures were taken.

    • The Mad Zak

      Thank you for your input Emperor Hirohito. We apologize for slighting the name of the mighty Japanese empire.

  • The Mad Zak


    I think you are far underestimating the power of Japan and its ability to crate weird shit.

  • Anomanom

    The square watermelon fits better in the refrigerator.

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