The worst town names ever (15 Photos)

worst town names lead The worst town names ever (15 Photos)

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  • xclusive02

    Are any of these not photo shopped? I know Hell, Michigan exists, the rest…. well I have to wonder.

  • Digitsis

    Britain is home to some pretty bizarre place names. Words that had a different connotation years – centuries even – ago. I believe there is a move afoot in the UK to change some of the names that have become ridiculous.

  • chelseablobs

    Penistone definitely exists, I live nearby. Although, we don’t say it penis-tone we say it pen-niss-stun. It’s not that far from Wombwell.

  • petegraf

    You forgot Blue Ball, PA

  • angelstamp

    also forgot Big Bone Lick its in Kentucky

  • Greg

    Actually, Boring and Oregon City are two different places.

  • Ryan

    True story, a friend and I passed through Accident, Md on our way to Wisp, decided to take a picture of that sign on our way back. Twenty minutes later we hydroplaned and flipped his car. First car accident I’d been in.

  • nulltheworm

    theres a place called cockermouth in the UK

  • Michelle

    I live in Oregon. Boring is a real town

  • Cheez

    Intercourse is real its an amish town in pa.
    and dildo is in Canada.

    • sammmmy99

      Intercourse PA does, in fact, exist. Would you believe they changed the name from “Cross-Keys” to Intercourse in the 1800’s. There’s another place called “Scotrun” and if you read the sign on the highway going fast you can imagine what it seems to spell.

  • Rawrbies

    They forgot Mianus, Connecticut. (Remember from Jackass?)

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