4 Million $ Crane FAIL (4 photos)

a crain fail hole 0 4 Million $ Crane FAIL (4 photos)

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  • Craneguy

    This was not the crane company’s fault. The whole job was planned in great detail by a team of engineers. Marks were laid down on the ground so that the crane would be perfectly positioned over special supports that were to be placed under the concrete slab. Everything was perfect except for one small detail…some daft bastard for got to install the supports.
    It just goes to show…you can’t cure stupid.

    • TruckinPapa

      Even dafter(?), more daft(?), whatever, is the dumb person who did not CHECK to see if the ‘special supports’ where actually there!


      It is the crane operators responsibility to make sure the surface is strong enough to carry the weight of the crane. I think running downstairs real quick would play into that a BIT…….. You'd never catch me setting up a crane on a thin slab without making DAMN sure there are supports in place.

  • Equalizer


  • jeff in Australia

    $100 supports fail… unemployed support checker fail…

  • deadman

    #3 looks like those orange special supports were in fact there.

  • Martavich

    How about bring a 550 in and forget working on suspended slab!!!

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