Stacy Kiebler vs Katherine Heigle (8 photos)

a stacey kiebler katherine heigle 5 Stacy Kiebler vs Katherine Heigle (8 photos)
They are both winners in my book.

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  • Anonymous

    Thank you!

  • Eddie

    When hot chicks compete, straight guys and lesbian girls win!

    • steven frijoles

      but which one am i?

      oh god…somebody help me

  • Dustin

    Not even close……..Kiebler is waaaay hotter!

  • More Doctors Smoke C

    I didnt think Katherine Heigle was into this kinda thing??? She was even quoted as saying that Knocked Up was 'sexist' and she'd stick to doing sappy romantic comedys instead. hmmmm.

    • dfgdf

      yea i don' t think she does photo shoots like this anymore, pretty sure all these are from when she first started getting famous

  • DaddyD

    At least get the name right … it’s Katherine Heigl (no “e” on the end). Oops … wait a minute … who gives a sh*t how she spells her name … hottest thing on TV since I spilled my coffee.

  • MC Hammer

    The 4th photoset should be reversed. Stacy is on the right (note the same yellow top as in the 7th photoset). And for the record, Kiebler kicks Heigl’s ass.

  • top dog

    I could judge them better if they had no cloths on. For now it’s a tie.

  • Dan

    Believe it or not some of those weren’t the greatest pics of Heigl who is way hotter than Keibler. If you ever see them in person you’ll know what I is not even a contest.

  • DaddyD

    Numbers refer to the number on the photo, not the sequence in which presented:
    0 = SK
    1 = KH
    2 = KH
    3 = SK
    4 = KH
    5 = KH
    6 = tie
    7 = tie

    Heigl wins, 4-2.

  • marc

    Nope, still can’t decide. I think we’ll all need another dozen or so photos to compare and pick a winner 🙂

  • sarah

    stacey is kinda trashy. katherine is classically sexy

  • rick

    kiebler is a toll leggy goddess who manages somehow to have a fantastic round backside while remaining thin waisted. Heigle is pretty and more busty, but she tends to be a little thick waisted since she is naturally more voluptuos. Kiebler is the clear winner, a goddess in my book.

  • opinionated42


  • bigguy

    Keibler all the way … athletic build, legs that don't stop topped off with a fantastic ass. Heigl is hot too but legs or the ass. Tits only go so far.

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  • Mattie

    Action requires konwedlge, and now I can act!

  • dfgdf

    the fourth one down doesn't look like either of them to me, it looks like jessica simpson and that chick from big bang theory

  • cwc640

    Keibler by far.

  • lowjack

    I wouldn't throw either of them out of bed for eating crackers. Though I confess, I have no idea what else they'd be doing there…

  • NJChiverInMO

    Kiebler wins, Heigl's a bitch.

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