Leica M8.2 Safari Camera only costs $10,000 (4 photos)

a leica m82 safari 2 Leica M8.2 Safari Camera only costs $10,000 (4 photos)
Hitting up Africa anytime soon and need that perfect camera? Do you have $10,000 lying around. Then the LEICA M8.2 Safari is right for you. The camera is not only olive green, but it is also over priced. But don’t worry, you get a nifty camera bag made by Billingham with your insecure purchase. Act now because LEICA only made a limited number of these cameras for the first 500 suckers.

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  • at work

    it better have a million megapixels

  • Aaron Cobb

    dumbass its not digital

    • Richard

      Hey dumbass YES IT IS. You fail again, but then again you are probably used to it by now.

  • Saffer

    course it is

  • mooseknuckle907

    your mom's digital

  • Richard

    All that money and it is still not FX and has a very limited in the lenses available for it. And it is only 10 MP.

    As the saying goes…….a fool and his money are soon parted.

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