• junephilippines

    cute pandas

  • Y2J


  • at work

    that runaway missile is scary

    • Rusty

      Could have been a lot worse. It’s just inertia, not an accidental launch. The missile broke loose when the plane caught the wire on landing.

  • alp

    Carl Winslow: the cop who lets the Ghostbusters out of their cell

    • CanadianBroad

      And my first thought was the cop in Die Hard … LoL

  • CanadianBroad

    Okay, how do I qualify to become a Panda Nanny? Those little critters are just too awesomely cute!

  • Da Sandman

    the picture of the 'art' thingy reminded me of something that happened in my country a couple of years ago: the cleaning lady found some things on the floor that looked like trash or something and she cleaned it up. The next day there was a huge comotion about one of the art pieces that had been stolen.

    art these days…. it's litteraly trash

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