Count your blessings (20 photos)

a cairo egypt poverty 16 Count your blessings (20 photos)
Sorry to be Debbie Downer with this photo gallery, but sometimes it’s nice to get a little reality check. These photos were taken in the slums of Cairo, Egypt. Pyramids of trash line the streets and rooftops. So next time you think our temporary recession is the worst thing to ever happen, think about the families and future generations who live in an urban dumpster. Enjoy!

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  • xclusive02

    Wow that’s a lot of shit

  • moose

    “temporary recession” my ass.

  • C

    looks like they all have direct tv

  • syink

    this is not real egypt…. iam egyption and i dont live like this…this area is like this because its there family profession to gather garbage and recycle it..


    I’ve been to Egypt to see the Pyramids and saw crap laying everywhere!!! In one of the canals running thru the city I saw a dead horse floating in the water on our bus ride from the cruise ship to the Pyramids.
    So maybe you dont all live this way but from what I saw it’s one dirty a$$ city!

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  • Anonymous

    Most of that is trash that is being sorted and will be sold for recycling. There are certain segments of society in Egypt that do these things. It’s something akin to the caste system in India. They traditionally go around the city, collect garbage, take it back to their slum, sort it, sell the recyclables, and feed the organic matter to pigs. They are a Christian minority, so they do not have to worry about the Islamic an on pork,. This has been going on in Cairo for centuries

  • Jake

    Anyone got a lighter?

  • chivinatschool

    just because someone has it worse doesnt mean we should just roll over and say oh well there isnt jobs and our economy is crashing… when we do nothing and our country turns into that we can start complaining… then with that logic… those people in cairo shouldnt complain… look at the people in africa! man they should thank their god for their trash! who are they to complain! stupid logic…

  • Beverly Lewis

    We some time forget to count our blessings, which should be every day. I bet these people and so many more like them even worse count their blessing!!!! God bless

  • vince

    Egypt is in Africa Einstein. I understand you are trying to make a point but come on. We have it pretty good here in the US

  • Dennis

    That rooftop recycling has been going on for Centuries… It's a way of life. There's $ Money $ in garbage !!

  • socket2me

    There's always money in the banana stand !…Massive lol at "Egypt is in Africa Einstein".

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