• dx

    fu racist jews. Dont you have anything else to do accept make fun of russians after they kicked you out of power?

    Whats the matter, throwing a little hissy fit on the internet because you’re powerless now? Awwww you poor wee baby. Those ‘blondes’ have you scared shitless dont they.

  • robin yates

    Russia is an amazing country,,,,,,,,,,the people are friendly when they realise you are not there to make fun

  • marta

    the picture with water supply system is from poland! It’s clearly visible that on the bottles have labels with polish words, i know polish becouse im from poland. people from usa always makes mistakes in recognize polish and russian words.

  • robin yates

    I think americans are secretly scared of Russia,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, bigger than they are,,,,,,,,many more resources,,,,,,,

    • Fred Garvin

      Americans scared of Russia?
      You forgot Mr. Reagan.
      Nothing to be feared in Russia or China, for that matter, nice try though.

  • Dash

    And only in America… do they not know how to spell properly …. WTF is Champaign

    • Matt

      lol wow it seems like a lot of russian readers are getting offended. Can I ask why? Do you not realize this is just for humor?

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  • Vorgon

    Clearly, the captions were not made by a native English speaker.

    What sort of idiot brings antisemitism into this?

    It seems that some Russian readers were offended by and somehow felt threatened by this fairly weak attempt at humor…this is getting a bit lame, I see this crap every week.

    The best thing about this story/post/item is reading the ridiculous, paranoid comments.

    Thanks to the commenters for bring this rather lame story up several notches!


  • TrickyDick

    The best things to ever come out of Russia are vodka & mail order brides…and thats pretty much it. Im pretty sure the USA isn’t scared of anything Russia claims to have…

  • pong

    If you talk of a country being scared of another country, you’re fucked up in the head.

    Oh look! Here comes Russia, with it’s Ural Mountains and vast tracts of tundra, throwing icicles! But what’s this? USA is defending itself with Great Lake water balloons? This is turning out to be a real doozie of a fight!

    Country = geopolitical construct based on arbitrary divisions of land.

    Person = biochemical construct based on specific divisions of living matter.

    One thinks, the other is thought up.

  • Anonymous

    But in the end .. they are better then Americans ..

  • RussianHot Sexy

    Me am comment. Russia big you small! You little ass no have funny! You be scared Russians blonds meke you pee pee you pants hard! No haha from me me haha you words of not funny.

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  • Appley

    It’s because of the pictures above+nuclear capabilities that Americans are scared. It’s like giving a retarded dog a stick of dynamite attached to it collar and set free to run around.

    And there is the strange belief that most Russian men have- that they are so powerful, so big. Or the need to believe that they are. “I’m big, my country is big, my ego is big.” They’re the worst.

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