Sculptures that make you think WTF (16 photos)

a crazy cool sculptures 5 Sculptures that make you think WTF (16 photos)

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  • Digitsis

    That second to last one….. where is that and what is the story behind? Anyone know?

  • jennyV

    did anyone notice the creepy midget girl standing below the statue in the 7th to last picture? wtf?!

  • robin yates

    love the statue filling a bowl from her tits

  • bodhi1990

    why is the first one weird? I've been there, it's two Naga serpents, old Buddhist/Hindu mythological benevolent beings, not that anyone truly believes they exist

  • Dank Afro Nugs Grape

    You mean the statue that looks like the robot from “Castle In The Sky”?

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