Debris that smashed earth from space (8 Photos)

space junk lead Debris that smashed earth from space (8 Photos)

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  • Mr. Quackers

    First comment, woot.

  • alextc

    pretty crazy how much crap is floating all around us

  • Alex Miller

    Thanks to a lot of that crap, we enjoy our cell phones and National Security. But yeah, most of it now is "dead" and slowly drifting down until it hits the atmosphere and blazes like Mario's fireballs.

  • Peter Bergman

    75% of earth's surface is water so a good chance of bits falling there. Many of the objects in
    that inventory are quite small; nuts, bolts, hand tools . . . so don't have much chance of surviving
    the fall. The chances of being hit by one of these things is far less than the chance of
    meeting a sincerely polite TSA agent.

  • jawbone

    "Photo", huh? Taken by…?

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