• Signe

    The double-iris eye looks badly photoshopped to me.

  • Skipt

    Its a contac lens pushed to the side.

    • Green

      Contact lenses, even when they are coloured contact lenses, are clear where the pupil is supposed to be and you can usually see the outline of the contact lense when you're up that close. I'd say it's more likely photoshopped.

  • Megan

    Omg i wish i had a penis

  • Anonymous

    rake mine bitch

  • Anonymous

    The foot is obviously fake.
    Take a good look, the 4th toe from the right is the same as the 2nd, and the 6th toe from the right is the same as the 3rd.
    I wonder if they honestly thought the photo was real when they added it.

    Also, why not use the good, non-fat, Pink Suit Vader pic?

  • Paul R Wilson

    I -I am reluctant to assosciate with most of the people shown here. They must smell bad, maybe on purpose.
    I think the pig-faced girl is a stil from the film Penelope based on an old British legend of a woman born pig-faced, maybe due to the sins of her parents. No historically verified person has been found, tho. Some reports of terrific monstrosities were so badly garbled that the actual facts can NOT be determined.

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  • Fluf Catphur

    Photoshop is a wonderful tool. ANd some people use it a LOT.

  • Crazy Charlie

    The guy with all the bottles is going to get them filled. I want to see the picture of him coming back.

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  • Equalizer

    Popcorn girl is also photoshop…

  • bottle guy

    the bottle guy can get a lot at least a day’s minimum wages from recycling those bottles

  • Anonymous

    chale ese de los dos pupilas se ve regacho, pero si quiere ver mas mamadas nadamas en mexico en la camara de diputados. ipax oriz

  • Vi

    The double iris one IS REAL!!! Remember seeing similar cases on Ripley’s Believe it or not and elsewhere with video of them years ago.

  • yam

    I know someone with 2 pupils in one iris.

  • Anonymous


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  • Listaholic

    It might be possible to have two irises (surely it must have happened at least ONCE in history, somewhere?), but not in this case. The curve of the reflection is too round to be part of the same sphere as the original iris, and the shadow cast by the eyelid is too large. Also, more obviously, the irises are reflecting two completely different scenes.

    Some real, some fake, all fun!

  • brad

    i know a guy with two arms and two legs wow

  • 2Persons

    Don’t worry Megan, “Penis Envy” is a natural occurrence in adolescent females everywhere, yea, uh uh, just Google it.

  • stuntcock

    look at the reflection in the eye, it’s an imaginative photoshop, but you can see the lashes in the reflection.

  • Dave

    not a contact lens.. it’s photoshop.. the reflection of the environment appears twice.

  • Anonymous


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