Funny Last Supper Parodies (20 photos)

a last supper parody 21 Funny Last Supper Parodies (20 photos)

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  • FadingMind

    What about the one on That 70s Show?

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  • Petar

    The Battlestar Galactica one is also great, look it up.

  • Steve

    The Watchmen one from the movie was really good

  • AR

    It’s Parodies not paradies, you arrogant motherfucking tosser!

  • Bobby Drake

    I feel like mario should have been playing the part of Jesus in the Nintendo version…

  • Equalizer

    Very FUNNY!!!…

  • Eye Believe

    well I’m not going to go all radical about this, like the Muslims do, cause that’s not my style. But if people knew what a holy and serious thing they’re messing with, this wouldn’t be seen anywhere. THERE IS a Day coming when we all will have to answer for our actions and GOD says not to misuse HIS Name, which I believe includes mocking HIM in any way.

    • cygnusx1

      Seriously… Get over it. God gave us a sense of humor, or did you miss that line when they were handing that out? I would think he meant for us to use it, wouldn't you? Fire and Brimstone, we are all so fucked… Bet your a riot at a party… BTW, you guys missed Mel Brooks, History of the world last supper.

    • kigero

      What about the original. That took a ton of liberties like a bunch of white folk running around the Middle East! Art is art and should serve no purpose that ascetics

    • thatwasntthequestion

      Don't worry…God sent me this link in a tweet that said "You've got to see this shit." ROFLMFAO

      I think He's okay with it.

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