Bears are awesome, I want one. Part 2 (31 photos)

aa bears cute awesome2 17 Bears are awesome, I want one. Part 2 (31 photos)

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  • Megan

    the top photo is the best one! love it!

  • xclusive02

    bears are amazing animals. I love to hunt, but I refuse to hunt bears

  • lions

    bears are awesome…until they are ripping your fuckin face off!!

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  • chloe

    yeah i agree there cute and all but till your asleep.those claws are beast

  • Grassley = awesome

    ive killed black bear it was awesome! but with a bow, its harder and it shows alittle integrity

    • nelly02

      you love cock.

    • lunesa

      u suck! how about the arrow hits you? i wonder how much 'integrity' you'll show then

  • ...


  • Sheyla

    Hi BenI reckon I can do these. The key is haivng the recent image taken from exactly the same point as the old image. Have you got any images in mind?Sophie

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