• xclusive02

    The picture with the dad writing the names on the diapers. I am that guy. ha

  • Equalizer

    That Girl in the Kitchen is so F@#$%ing HOT

  • Guy

    The clocks thing is actually correct. On older clock faces the IV was purposely written as IIII. Not sure why exactly but I know there was a reason.

  • Frankie

    the clocks thing was made so you can´t confuse the IV with VI

  • Leisure Suit Moot

    Really great, I’m now whistling a merry tune.

  • dirtroadhog

    re the clocks with roman numerals. As far as i recall, there was a period in Roman history that four ‘i’s were actually used to denote the number four… then again, hang on… (no, man, that last blunt was just too much already)… now, where was i?

  • Shinrahunter

    Aww, damn you!!
    I miss Teasers 😦

  • BlameTheUFOs

    second from the last… the answer is 7…

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