Selma Hayek makes me want to buy Campari (12 photos)

a selma hayek campari 8 Selma Hayek makes me want to buy Campari (12 photos)

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  • edc

    I don’t want a campari, but I do wanna fuck Salma’s tits.

    • Bruno

      Salma could sell me ANYTHING!

  • Ogag

    Salma is a certified MILF

  • gOOOOOU!

    MY luscious…… my Luscious (creepy troll voice)

  • DaddyD

    edc and Ogag … no chance if you can’t even spell her name right … wait a minute … you don’t have a chance anyway!

    Possibly the most beautiful woman in the world … also one of the sexiest … and damn smart too. Produces as well as acts.

  • muffinfluffer

    i would eat her for days

  • Chris

    Does this ad imply a gang bang?

  • Alex

    Her name is Salma not Selma! haha a mexican proud! 🙂
    damn she´s hot!!!

    PS. Chive, you should post some pic´s of Jimena Navarrete! The Miss Universe 2010..another Mexican proud!

  • djro69

    MILFin 'el!!!

  • Daniel Angelo Monaco

    "So listen, I got you a modeling job."
    "Hey, that's great!"
    "Bad news, you have to wear a tuxedo under hot lights and press your body against two other guys."
    "Aw son of a-"
    "Good news, between those guys is Salma Hayek in a low cut dress."
    "Oh, okay then."

  • jeff

    My fantasy girl for sure!!! I am in lust every time I see her!
    I did this search and this is 2 years plus old!

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