What if Tokyo had no pavement? (12 Photos)

tokyo grass lead What if Tokyo had no pavement? (12 Photos)
Project Green Island offers a unique, eco-friendly perspective on urban living. The Chive has heard rumors that they plan on unpaving New York City in lush, green, grass. We’ll be sure to bring you those photos as they become available. Enjoy green Tokyo!

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  • underground

    It would be so cool to have grass roads. Jeez.

  • Equalizer

    Are these Real or Photoshop?

    • laurennoss

      did you really just ask if it was photoshopped or not??

  • Ken

    And then there would be no more water for drinking, etc. Grass lawns are not exactly environmentally friendly either because of the tremendous amount of water it takes to maintain them.

  • jou

    well someone has to cut that every morning 😀 it would be funny….

  • Razi Brian Navarro

    It would look beautiful in good weather
    Boosts tourism.
    Reduces heat in the city.

    They will have to be constantly cut.
    The ground gets muddy during rainy days.
    Rubber (and a lot of others stuff) slips on grass during rainy days. Bad for cars.
    It’s gonna be expensive.

    For all the cons I don’t think it’s such a good idea.

  • Jams

    Problem is it would soo be mud from all the foot traffic

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