Who paints a cat? Really? Disturbing. (21 photos)

a paint dye cats 8 Who paints a cat? Really? Disturbing. (21 photos)
The new trend with weird cat ladies is actual painting/dying their cat’s fur in meticulous/asinine designs. This will definitely get your cat’s ass kicked. Some of the dye jobs cost $15,000 and have to be repeated every 3 months as the cat’s hair grows out. Must be nice to have $60,000 a year lying around to maintain your cat’s paintjob!! WTF is wrong with people? I don’t even like cats and I think this is plain mean.
Update: These photos are a brilliant HOAX!

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  • Amanda

    Even though the photos aren't actually real (they're from a book called "Why Paint Cats" and were digitally created), I don't care. It looks freakin' cool (but, uh, yeah – kinda creepy).

    • Anam

      Bel disse:Narrae7e3o que eu fiz do Cat Monday: Como e9 bom, acordarE poder te ver.Como e9 bomPoder te olharE egrnxear o que este1 e0 frente.Mesmo estando cansadoSou fofinho e bonitinhoEstou esperando carinho.Dormindo,Olhando,Brincando,Sou um gato e adoro ser .

  • http://thechive.com Leo Resig

    thanks Amanda! I have updated the post with the snopes link verifying the hoax:

  • Hanne

    Darn, I wish you COULD dye your cat! 😉 Thankfully for the animal rights activists, I only have a small dog…

  • lions

    WTF is this??!!

  • eeds

    they should have made one like the joker

  • Hammie

    Poor cats….

    Honestly I think color on an animal just looks plain stupid.

    If you want a colored animal, go buy an animal that is NATRUALLY colored.

  • truthvirus

    I once new a woman who would use highlighters on her cats. It would last a day or so.

  • BlondieKnox

    Love the black and whites, and the fish! Someone did a really good job on these. I’m an avid cat lover, so I enjoy looking at these.

  • A BiPolar Guy

    btw the "panda dyed" cats and dogs, supposedly popular in china, seen around the wild weird wacky-net (i think I saw them here) are also the product of imagination. "You can tell they are photoshopped by some of the pixels", errr yeah….

    But cool, definitely cool.

    Anyone for bonsai kittens? Quite tasty too! :p

  • Alex.O_O

    But cats dont come in Tie Die -.-

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