15 women who will never drown

  • Horrid

    Those are disgusting why would anybody want to do that to themselves, becoming just a joke!

    • Porkys

      naturals are so sweet, but not the fake ones

  • C


  • HorridIsGay

    are you serious Horrid? almost all of those are real, they didnt “do that to themselves” the 2 or 3 that were implants are just gross but what the hell, not all giant tits are fake

  • jokez

    I like big boobies but these are just too big. Gross

  • Ace

    1,6,7,9 real…the rest are fake…i love huge bewbs!

    • elay1300

      real tits fake tits they all tast the same

  • The Truth

    Many of them are morphs (PhotoShopped). Lame.

  • CELEBCURRY.com Babe

    real or fake! would decide only i touch and feel them!!

  • Megan z

    Ilove big boobs

  • El Jefe

    The haven't invented a size I couldn't handle.

    • steven

      i am like you they necer to big for my likeing

  • Paola

    Those are gross!!!

  • Amanda

    MY boobs hurt just looking at these! Ouch!

  • cutie

    are these things real someone tell me please

  • Aaron

    Can anyone make out the URL in the bottom right corner in the yellow sunburst?

  • hamid

    I am sorry for myself because I have not got big boods!

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  • joram

    if u ask me they are d women who’ll drown d fastest…anythin beyond limit is jst GROSS!!

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  • robin yates


  • LB

    Actually, the fake girls would be the first to drown. Plastic doesn’t float. Fat does.

  • britchick


  • Loli

    Oh god oh god oh god I HOPE MY BOOBS NEVER GET THAT BIG!!! I already have enough back probs.

    • DrROBOTO

      maybe should get off it once in a while

  • TacosTacosTacosTacos

    Most of these are shooped. Tards!

    • Deaner

      Yep very

    • heywoodjablowme

      yeah… and?

    • harrrrr

      shoop shoop a dooped

  • Equalizer

    I would like to sink my face in anyone of them.

  • top dog

    I’am sorry but, I like big tits but that is ridicules. One of them bounce on your head and you’re a dead man.

  • dragontamer363

    y’see boobs get this big and they just make you look fat. What’s the point?

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