Evelina Oboza: The new Cameron Diaz (10 photos)

a evalina oboza country girl 7 Evelina Oboza: The new Cameron Diaz (10 photos)

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  • Jeremy Williams

    I like the site

  • Vander Tolsen

    Outstanding contribution Jeremy – my life was meaningless before I came across this post.

  • xclusive02


  • D

    Nope; Cameron Diaz doesn’t even come close……….

  • Sexy Girls XXX

    Sexy cow girl cool


  • DaddyD

    Diaz still has a better smile …

  • top dog

    The new Cameron Diaz? I don’t think so. She looks good though.

  • Anonymous

    Hot girl. i like it!

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    […] Evelina Oboza: The new Cameron Diaz (10 photos) […]

  • just_freed_on_the_loose@hotmail.com

    wow, just wow… also, first.

  • guest

    what happened to the old cameron diaz? i think i liked her more! especially in the mask….

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