Model ages from 10 to 50 using only makeup (5 non-photoshopped photos)

model ten years lead Model ages from 10 to 50 using only makeup (5 non photoshopped photos)

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  • aaron

    why is she naked at age 10

  • Bob

    yeah the clothes I was born in didn’t shed until I was 18.

    • ThatGuy

      Nice comment smart smart ass. Were people publishing naked pictures of you whenever you changed or too baths?

  • Bill

    Just because you dont see straps going over her shoulders doesnt mean she’s naked, guess neither of you have heard of a tube top or strapless top before.

  • Nessy


    She is Eniko Mihalik hungarian topmodel!

  • Equalizer


  • el camino

    i’m pretty sure shes naked at 10

  • MikeRulz UDrulz

    But, I can see the pixelz RITE THERE ON MY SCREEN! Explain *THAT* one, chav.

    P.S. how’d u ‘shop my comment as i tiped it? Don lie, I see em pixlz here to

  • Anonymous

    The model is the same age in all the pictures, they just made her look very young and old using only makeup (she isn’t actually 10 in the first pictures)

  • KD

    Not shopped eh?? What about this ten year old all of a sudden get boobs in the 40 year old version.. And who ever did that, needs to be with pedo bear..

    • IrrEgular

      You have never felt the body of a woman.

    • rick

      Easy, she's not ten. Most likely she's in her twenties.

  • DanielB

    She is gonna become ke$ha at age 30?

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