Australian prison is more like a resort (7 Photos)

best prison ever Australian prison is more like a resort (7 Photos)

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  • Resorts

    Wow, those photos are so nice! I don’t believe that’s a prison!

  • Wolf

    This is Austria not Australia

  • Andy

    I would kill to be in a place like this.

  • Stefan

    LOL ,wolf what are you talking about? I m Austrian and only in our dreams we have prisons like that.

  • Jeebus

    Yup Leoben, Austria not Australia. This is where you could go if you lock your family in your basement and father an incestuous brood through abuse and torture, not where you would go if you abuse kangaroos and commit genocide against the indigenous peoples. Not the kangaroo part the genocide part, which the USA and Austria both committed ie native Americans and non indigenous Jews during the Holocaust, but still a lovely place to visit.

    Lets go find a basement and start a family.

  • FukUJeebus

    Fuck you Jeebus.

  • jay, aye and rihanna

    WOWEEEEE…… i wanna go to prison, it looks so luxuries compared to where i’m living!!!!
    Is it FREE. LOL.

  • Australian prison -

    […] […]

  • Jeebus Suck Cock

    I wonder what meal do they serve?

    • Novo

      No place on earth is perfect, i’m sure there is something wrong with the place.

      I wonder if they would halve the building, so one half is a prison, and the other half is the most luxurious resort in all Austria?

  • Anonymous

    Ahhh yes…well I’m sure getting ass-raped even in a nice prison like this still isn’t too much fun.

  • Anonymous

    I live in australia, NO WAY is this an australian prison!

  • kym

    it looks more like a rehab…the doors do look like prison doors tho so idk

  • Anonymous

    Shouldn’t have aproblem getting in that way.

  • Alex.O_O


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