Funniest church signs ever Part II (15 Photos)

funny chuch lead Funniest church signs ever Part II (15 Photos)

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  • Eddie

    There’s no A/C in hell… either. Hee.

  • Gloria

    Church is a business and they don't have to pay taxes like we do. Most people don't understand that. All they want is your money.

    • Mary Chnapko-Weaver

      That is not true at all, most churches are there to help out when you need it, do you got to church?

    • Emily

      Not necessarily an accurate statement. I go to a Buddhist church, have you been to one? It's not about trying to sell their religion to you to make a profit and mindless followers. How exactly is church a business? Where would this "business" make it's money from? The $1 donations of what 50 people every Sunday? May I remind you one must pay for the property, maintenance, etc.

  • Elisabeth

    The first one isn’t funny, it’s insulting. :/

  • jeff

    Hey Gloria,read your bible.The church doesn’t want your money. God wants his 10%.It’s not your money anyway,it’s God’s.He just allows you to earn it.Because without God you would have nothing.

    • Darkstar

      You are stupid. The bible was made so weak minded people would do what other people wanted. And congratz you fell for it. Ask yourself if god is real then why the hell did he make a bunch of other planets that are empty and then jesus never mentioned them? and christians are walking contradictions.Read the bible and follow otherwise dont read it and preach then do things you think the bible should say.

      • Erszabet

        Amen to that Darkstar… lol

  • Gloria

    To Gloria: The Church may not pay taxes, but they do pay electric bills, gas bills, heating bills, and salaries to their employees (not just the pastor), there are secretaries, janitors, day care workers (in my church), etc. Besides, it’s not your money, but God’s – He just all0owed you to have enough health go out and earn a living.

  • tom

    all church is is one big clut they ask for you’r money even if you are poor and they should have to pay taxes like the rest of us do. but as i dont belive in any type of god i could care less!

    • Brian

      I do believe you mean you couldn't care less.

    • Mary Chnapko-Weaver

      that is just sad……… and pathetic

  • jeff

    Hey Tom, maybe if you did believe in God,he could teach you how to spell the word CULT. But God LOVES YOU anyway. Everyone please say a prayer for TOM.

  • Eric

    These signs are fake and there’s a website that generates them.

    • Mary Chnapko-Weaver

      No they aren't I've seen a few like these for real

  • Andrew

    I’ve seen a good one: “give the devil an inch and he’ll become a ruler”

  • johns

    If they’re generated on a website why don’t they make them funny?

  • Raúl Testa

    It’s preety obvious the signs are fake, Go Cubs??? Lulz! Anyway I laughed my ass off. Please someone tell Jeff there’s no need to be offended with other peoples atheism. I’m atheist and I don’t get offended with your theism. But I do get offended with your religious intollerance.
    Chill out, watch some Monty Python and … Always look on the briiiiiiiiiiight side of life 😉

  • DarkDude43

    Raul Testa (and others) Jeff isn’t offended by your nor anybody elses atheism,(sorry about grammatical error) like any other religions, he’s just taking the chance he has to express his veiws and protect what he believes. Also, I do agree with him about the whole, “church not wanting the money.” The Bible says that EVERYTHING is GODS. Not mine, yours, and anyone that lives, breaths, and comprehends life. So please, stop hating on Jeff for expressing his veiws and like you said, “Always look on the briiiiiiiiiiight side of life.”

    God Bless

  • jeff

    Thanks DarkDude43 for having my back.Our church recently had a funny sign.It said CH_ _CH ,whats missing? UR. The bright side of life is that Jesus died for our sins so that we could have eternal life in heaven.Can’t get any brighter than that.He died for you Raul Testa.You must have some interest in God,you were on a religeous church sign site.Everyone pray for Raul,that he will find Christ and change his beliefs about God and heaven. GO CARDS.

  • Carosi

    Elisabeth is right. It is amazing to see how quickly people who claim to be Christians can judge others with such might while ignoring their own “sins”. By the way, anyone who has issue with this and is divorced, I believe that the Bible also says that you are to be stoned to death. Still breathing?

    • michael

      it's tough to comment about a book you don't understand. laws in the old testament are not applicable because christ fulfilled that law. the scripture you quote applies to jews. like most outsiders looking in you judge us, then say we judge you when we correct you misquoting our belliefs. we should all calm down and tolerate each other and stop saying hurtful things about others beliefs when we don't truly understand them.

  • dahveed

    Gloria you’re a tool.

  • Jody

    I loved these! I recently seen a church sign “If you are going through life with God as your co-pilot…. switch seats. I thought that was awesome too. I use a lot of these quotes (and scripture that jumps out at me) on my myspace. I have had several nice comments. I spent a good part of my life as an athiest but God was faithful in drawing me and now I know the truth and as the sign says I am ashamed of a lot of things in my life but Jesus isn’t one of them. God Bless everyone!

  • Jody

    PS A church is NOT a business. They are a charitable organization who helps the needy in whatever way they are drawn to help. Just like the salvation army, missions, clinics, there are several types of non-profit organizations all of whom help others and none of whom pay taxes. Any employees of any of these organizations including churches (including pastors) pay their taxes just like the rest of us. Business’s spend their earnings on themselves and however they see fit. They are not regulated by anyone. Just a little fact.

  • bridget

    ha, that first one is from a small town in ohio. i remember it because the church was vandalized shortly after putting up the sign and the pastor had to issue a formal apology for offending anyone. it was funny at the time…

  • Magen

    All I have to say to the athiests is that, Jesus loves you and I will be praying hard for y’all 🙂 God bless!

  • motherfucker =D

    see that’s exactly why i became an atheist…
    fuck god, fuck ala, fuck jave and any other stupid pile of shit made up by fag monks afraid to go fuck themselves

  • KristinOwe

    Seriously…it’s insulting to an atheist to have someone say “Oh people need to pray for *insert name* because apparently they don’t believe in God so their life must be sooooo terrible!” It’s condescending and something that Jesus freaks love to throw around to make themselves appear to be superior.

  • Raider

    I think the one sign “God expects spiritual fruits, not religious nuts.” says it best. Religion is between you and whatever higher power you happen believe in or not believe in. Whether you believe in God or not, if everyone lived their lives by what The Bible teaches, the world would be a better place.

  • cookiemonster

    stop drop and roll is actually funny 🙂

  • josh

    there not all fake

  • josh

    haha stop drop and roll wont work in hell are pierce the veil lyrics hahaha

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