Morning Randomness 2.20.09 (25 photos)

aa funy random hilarious tf 1 Morning Randomness 2.20.09 (25 photos)

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  • JG

    the lamp really got me!!

  • xclusive02

    lamp got me. reminds me of, “relax, its just my armpit”

  • Tickle me orange

    holy hell, Tapanga! whooo i need to go take a shower now.

  • That guy

    I don’t get the last one. All I see is a dude and his car.

  • baDingo

    Hmmm…guy with shovel is rocking some serious right ballsack there.

  • Anonymous

    The lamp is not a lamp, its exactly what you think it is, search for the lamp is a lie!

  • SmokeyTheBear

    How did a lamp almost give me a boner?

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