• Eddie

    No fucking dumping, and please check under your vehicle for penguins. 10-4.

  • gdfgd

    There are no penguins in africa

    • Kevrobmc

      Dude, there are penguins in Cape Town. Seems you ignorance knows no bounds!

      • Lynn

        I totally understand. Often I've heard 'There is no snow AT ALL in Africa, or Africa is completely hot, or completely like a rain forest….many people don't realize how big and diverse Africa is!

  • thomas

    go watch Madagascar I and maybe even Madagascar II one more time. The little birds in tuxedos – those are penguins…

    • hMMMM

      You seriously did not just say this.

  • robin yates

    there most certainly are penguins in Africa,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I have been to Africa as a military advisor,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, craziest place on earth !

    • yasmina yusuf

      shege, dan hiska, dan racist nwa, it's ur neighbourhood that's full of chemopatients that is crazy..fool, in case you dont have someone interprete what i wrote: it's hausa language…wawa jaki!

      • mikndis

        Yusuf, ka zageshi d ewa, walahi dan banza ne

  • L

    The snake’s from Queensland, Australia.

  • robin yates

    Africa,,,,,,,,,raped by the west,,,,,,,,,,,,,,now just a shit hole,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Dcyanide

    Heh I live here in friken africa; as a side note you bloody idiots google the jack ass penguine? I has one his name is rodney. he kills cats and eats them.

    and yes it’s hillarious living here. laugh a minute in S.A there are 51 murders a day and that is official.

  • sMiter911

    Bloody western fucks why y’all gotta hate on the dark continent? To y’all selves feel better? To compensate for you fricken lack of morals and decency? Goggling up Africa and basing your view on the results doesn’t warrant you the right to diss a whole continent you haven’t been to. No wonder the towers fell, douches

    • Wu

      sMiter911:”Bloody western fucks why… …No wonder the towers fell, douches”
      And to you West = USA? Good one “douche”.

  • lappies100

    Oh yes there are!

  • Dank Afro Nugs Grape

    Not that it was doing well in the first place…

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