• dubai homes

    Nice photos, Thanks fro sharing.

  • maxium

    this is chrome you asshole it is not fucking white gold


  • junephilippines

    it’s dull…

  • lejo

    It is NOT white gold. White gold is not silver, is still yellowish and therefore needs to be coated with rhodium regularly as the coating wears off naturally.

    Gold is extremely heavy, over twice as much as steel.

  • Anonymous

    Commonly known to the masses as Chrome

  • Boogieman (himself)


  • Anonymous

    If car crashes people wool steal

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  • Rockstar

    mercedes badge wrecked at its best.great job

  • Anonymous

    its just a chrome foil with chrome they have a branch in UAE

    u should be very dumb to believe its real gold.

  • navnit .p. patel

    i love car white gold mercedes in dubai i love him for car country india state gujarat city jamnagar

  • Turrebo

    Looks nice, but it's just a conversation piece. I don't know about the US of A, but here in The Netherlands you can't drive a car like this because it's got too much shiny parts. Which is weird, because you can do virtually everything else here.

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  • someguy

    hey, asshole… don’t be such a douch bag.

  • blablabla

    it is white gold, moron it might look like chrome but it’s WHITE GOLD

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