Sweet, sweet Sara Lime (27 photos)

a sara lime hot 2s 8 Sweet, sweet Sara Lime (27 photos)See much more of Sara at her website www.sweetsaralime.com

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  • alexander

    this is the most beautiful woman that has ever walked earth… wow

  • PinkCaddy

    Beautiful and curvy. Its nice to see meat on a model, for a change. Undeniably an attractive woman

  • Meyo!


  • Esteghlalfc

    Persian women are the most beautiful of all women. This perfect Persian is the epitome of luscious curves and killer good looks. Miss Sara Lime, you are astonishing

  • Hana

    She is NOT Persian! My cousin knows her

    • Mr.Mccormick

      She was actually born in Iran,she is persian and a proud one at that! so tell your lying "cousin" to shove it!

  • Joe Lang

    HANA your cousin is obviously wrong.
    SaraLime as she is now known is Ameneh Kohandooz… And she IS of Iranian origin…

  • Joe Lang

    And yes, she is gorgeous… Even more so being a young Mom!

  • TBird

    You all are wrong… her sister’s name is Ameneh, and Ameneh is the mom, NOT Sara…lol
    Try getting Sara to change a diaper and you’ll know she doesnt have children. But yeah, she takes fun pictures

  • mr. blue

    Why is it that Sara is pegged as not Persian? Hana whoever your cousin is, they are full of it and do not even know Sara. I KNOW Sara, and she is as Persian as they come, even born in Terhan. I also know Ameneh, and they are certainly NOT the same person.

  • mr. blue

    and Sara IS Persian Perfection…

  • Meyo!


  • mas

    who cares where she is from, she is just hot

  • Looney

    What, is there a bunch of people posting here that just happen to personally know this chick? Huh.

  • neneh33

    Ok people.. I’m going to inform all of you who “think” they and their “cousins” know my sister. Yes SaraLime is PERSIAN born in Iran. No, she is not also known as Ameneh. I’m Ameneh her older sister and I can only dream of having the beauty, talent and depth of my baby sister. So for all of you that think she is not hot… I’m so very sorry for your deep hate you have for yourselves! For those who support SaraLime I want to take this time and thank you ALL! I love you Lil Monkey.. keep doing what you do…Kill’em!

  • neneh33

    Oh and one more thing… I’m the mom not her..LOL the thought of her with kids is CRAZY!!! Hahahaha. One day tho hopefully I’ll be and aunt.

  • dato lgk

    love it. even little touch will bercheraw.

  • tahtahtah

    The photoshop in the majority of these is WAY OVERKILL….

    • mr.mccormick

      Actually I work in Photography and these are not photoshopped! many people are naturally gorgeous! sarah lime is this naturally beautiful! she is beyond gorgeous! she's perfection! so sit your jealous ugly beastly looking azz down

  • jayant

    who cares where she is from, she is just hot

  • robert ball

    Don’t you know you make me wanna

  • jackson madden

    i want her to suck me off in the 69 position!

  • Anonymous

    Saraa came into our studio for a casting call and we were looking for the girl in the pictures without realizing she was standing in front of us. Her photos are so photoshopped that she is unrecognizable in person. She looks much older and needs to lose some weight to match her photoshopped pictures. She is short with bigger than normal breast implants. She would be great for the porn industry.

  • top dog

    OH MY GOD GIRL!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    some lucky terrorists over there.

  • You Wish

    The obviously fabricated comment from “Anonymous” stating that sara came n for a casting call is obviously someone that burns inside by just looking at her photos. What agency would go as far as denying talent at an audition then looking her up later to comment on her.

    I would only expect such criticism when youre as good as SaraLime.

    Shove it up your fucking ass, HATERS!

    The UK LOVES SaraLime

  • mehdi

    Hey listen to me all you mother fuckers. You shouldn’t use bad words about her. I’m Irainian and I’m a big fan of her.

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