Man's body change over 5 years, becomes new person (19 Photos)

body change years Man's body change over 5 years, becomes new person (19 Photos)

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  • Anonymous

    were steroids involved?

  • Disinterested observer
  • Signe

    Yeah, not too pretty in the beginning but in the end… Creepy.

  • anon

    Should have stopped after about a year. Amazing transformation to that point, then started going too far.

  • dada

    what happened to his belly button?

    But yeah, after the first year or two he’s gone too far. But ya know what? It can all go back the other way so much faster. I know from expernice. It takes WORK to not eat crap and work out. It can be done and get get you more girls. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Yes! His belly button is hideous now!

      As far as working out gets you the girls, you’re absolutely right. A 19 year old bimbo that hasn’t figured anything out yet, then yes, flex those muscles champ! Now, if you’re after women, then you need confidence, a good attitude, respectfulness, and usually a decent job to enjoy a future together. A truly classy woman doesn’t consider biceps as her #1 priority.

      • Jen

        maybe he just feels good about himself and is healthy?

  • Kelsey

    I think he looked best Oct 2003. After that, he turned into a meat head which isn’t attractive to me personally. But, if it makes him happy…

  • paul

    anyone notice the bigger he got the smaller his boxers got huh?

    • Sheikster

      Yeah. Same thing for his testicles.


    Should have stopped in July 2003. Best shape, coolest Short!

  • dumdum

    That guy’s arms hang down almost to his knees. What up with that?

  • jodie

    id rather want to see him the beginning, he is soft and meaty and hot, as time goes by hes getting creepie

  • dj_red

    Seriously. What happened to his belly button?? It looks like a mouth. Creepy.

  • Champ

    anyone notice how stretched his neck is in some pics and some not… this is shopped…
    I know because i’ve seen quite a few shops in my time.


    (I Had to OK??!?!??!?)

  • notellin

    Funny how he seems to be smiling most genuinely in the middle, around 2005, after he trims down but before he goes creepy.

  • Drewkkake

    For someone that obsessed about getting cut… then getting big… it doesn’t look like he did a single lift for his shoulders – they don’t change at all from beginning to end. Makes him look a little disproportionate.

  • Anonymous

    He looked decent at march of 2004, but after that it started to look ridiculous.

  • joe

    you can see when he juices. he goes in 3 month spurts where he gets bigger and isnt real cut. must be on a cycle that retains water. 95% of people that work out seriously use steroids. but thats just my opinion

    • Terrence

      '95 % of people who work out'… seriously? I think it might be those whom you know but not everyone uses steroids, they put in the work in and out of the gym and enhance there natural attributes. We may live in a 'microwave' society but that doesn't mean everyone take that route.

    • legion

      83% of all stats are made up

  • Anonymous

    In the end, he may look ‘beefy’, but earlier on, he looked ‘healthier’

  • Paul

    Umm.. That's 6 years, not 5…

  • Jen

    i think he looks awesome. good for him. he probably feels super healthy and confident. that takes some serious hard work and dedication.

  • B33bs

    july 2007 he's in the shape of his life…. never got back to that…. but it's truly inspirational nonetheless….

    btw, did he do some lipo on his belly?? that belly button looks suspicious

  • NoPartyFollower

    Should have quit somewhere in 2005……. That won't look good when it turns to fat.

  • tyler

    steroids? please tell me nobody else see it. he just happens to get bigger then smaller on a 3 month cycle basis. its more than obvious

  • Dawn

    I love that he didn't skip leg day 🙂

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  • itsmenyc

    Sorry but you don’t know…

    You see the tendons in his neck when his body has about zero body fat, after that he gains weight.

  • amster

    Well, if the rest of the body gets bigger – things that aren’t growing aren’t going to appear smaller? Are you another one taken in by that old myth that male appendage gets smaller? Sorry to surprise you, but it doesn’t – it never changes in size. If you go on a steroid cycle, what might happen is the testes shrink – only because they don’t need to produce testosterone – but off cycle, they return to normal. Anyway, nowadays you can use something called HCG on cycle which means, your nads continue to produce their own testosterone and never shrink.

  • amster

    sorry, I misunderstood your post. Apologies! What I meant to say was, as your legs get bigger – it’s only natural you’ll want to show more of them. And man do quads grow quick when you start squatting.

  • amster

    Perhaps they were, but you don’t sit at home munching on chips and wolfing down ice cream – then inject or swallow steroids and suddenly grow?! You have to work out. You have to train hard – and eat right. Else, when you come off cycle, you lose everything.

  • amster

    Looks like you’ve never been to a gym in your life! Get off the armchair and train – I got to 102kg from around 75kg but it’s taken me around 8 years without steroids. With steroids you can expect to get a years gains in 3 months.

    You should be able to put on 2.5kg a year without steroids if you train rigorously and eat right. With steroids as I say, you can stick on that 2.5kg in 3 months.

    These are rough estimates, but you get the idea.

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