Morning Randomness 2.23.09 (20 photos)

a random funny morning ad3 11 Morning Randomness 2.23.09 (20 photos)

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  • xclusive02

    floppy discs are pretty gangster

    • ThisGuy

      I heard your pretty gangster,im pretty gangster myself

  • AlishaB

    Yup… Those ‘ole floppy.. disk.

  • kegen

    floppy disk? the guys pointing a gun right at his face. For real, that piece in his right hand is aimed directly between his eyes. that's fucking gangster.

  • Slothmorse

    Some people just put a penny on a railroad track. Not civil engineers… we put a whole freaking *structure* on the track. Taste cold concrete, Amtrak weenies!

  • Ryno

    Anyone else notice he is pointing one of the guns at himself?

  • that guy

    They are indeed.

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