Hunting for fun (13 photos)

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a eagle hunting fox rabbit 2 Hunting for fun (13 photos)
No animals were hurt in the making of this post. Seriously, this is a competition and no animals were harmed -only scared to death.

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  • Maria


  • xclusive02

    WTF? I think of deer hunting as hunting for fun. LOL Maria. get over it. It happens in the real wild life every day.

    • Flicka


  • Equalizer

    Santa, I want an Eagle for Christmas! That Fox will be cool too!…

  • Jecht

    that fox got a face full of FALCON KICK

    • man


  • Matt

    Thats just wrong. I can see deer because theres so many of them but a fox? thats just not cool

    • ChurchoftheFonz

      Foxes are abundant predators that need population control to manage proper balance.

    • ChurchoftheFonz

      Foxes are abundant. They need population control too.

  • pimphole

    You fools. It’s traditional. Calling them assholes make you ignorant. What do you know? Just sex and internet?

    • D'oh

      Well, just because something is traditional doesn’t make it right.

      But anyway, I still wouldn’t be too distressed about this. As everyone can see, the animals aren’t killed. Although I do fancy some rabbit stew right now.

  • pimphole

    And i wanna be in for the sake of that flat screen TV!

  • A BiPolar Guy

    "You fools. It's traditional" is a lame, trite excuse utterly without logic or merit. Something is neither good nor bad because it's been done for a long time. Once upon a time it was traditional to sacrifice people to molech in and in India for widows to burn alive on their husbands pyres. Now we kind of frown on that.
    Hunting an be valid and also necessary for our screwed up eco-system. I'm no vegan. This is just torture for fun.

    • Zim

      OMG.. did first place just win a TV ??? " I shoulda bought a falcon…"

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