Pet fur seal…wtf not. (8 photos)

a domestic fur seal pet 40000 Pet fur not. (8 photos)

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  • Alvar

    He looks kinda sad, but he is very cute.

  • james

    You took a baby seal home?!?! WTF where you thinking! Do you even know how to take care of it?

    • Brandon

      Yeah, i thought you were supposed to club them before you take them home?

  • omnomnomnom

    getting one for my pool

  • Bill

    Probably under rehabilitative care unless it was to injured to be returned to the wild or was orphaned to early and has taken to its human care giver.

  • Equalizer

    hmmmm.. seal burger…

  • Ken

    I hope they have more water than just a bath tub! That thing would certainly be like a fish out of water in just a house. But at least it doesn’t have to worry about sharks and Orcas (or seal hunters) there.

  • Joe

    Second image: He’s using some kind of mask.
    We can assume that their parents were murdered and now he’s training with the family ex caretaker to fight the evil. Good thing that he was rich.
    The ManSeal.
    Kind looks like The Comedian.

    • SSS

      The Comedian was not murdered, Dr. Manhattan turned him into a seal.

  • ayu

    Cute.. But don’t you think that baby seal need to be with his/her family..? Mummy must be very worried..!!

  • A BiPolar Guy

    Guys seriously, don't get in a huff. Since this would be illegal most place unless she is a wild-life rehabilatator or raising it for a zoo where the mother would not/could not raise it, it's not likely a pet. (Old Disney movies not withstanding) Zoo staff sometimes take babies home so they can get 24/7 care at less expense for the zoo. Then they go back.

  • hMMMM

    Cute, but likely smells awful?

  • lynn

    kinda like taking a whale home and putting it in the front yard and keeping it as a pet

  • :)

    What! I don’t believe it! Almost impossible!

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