• Looney

    This is so not funny all my coworkers came over to see what I was not laughing at.

  • Jamie

    Oh ho ho! Because a cross eyed kid with an obviously photoshopped sign is funny! I love this site so much!

    • mook

      That is called down syndrome.

      When you are old enough they will explain your ailment to you, do not worry.

      • StevieB

        But the title is that it's not funny?

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  • robin yates

    I can read to 100

  • xclusive02

    ha ha ha, it is funny

  • abilities651

    im not going to forward this to all my friends and family

  • aldeshsa

    One potato, two potato, three potato, four. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we can all count to potato.

  • kentuckycactus

    No, this isn’t funny, it’s f-ing hilarious.

  • Scott

    I hope you guys have retarded children.

    I know I will because I laughed my ass off when i saw this

  • aaron

    Scott I bet my retarded kid can count to potato faster and more eloquently then yours.

  • Josh

    Umm….. this is odd. Really odd. I know that kid; hell, I graduated same year, same high school as he did. If you know Brett Brinley (the kid in that picture), I probably know you.

    • McFester

      Woah, Josh, really? That’s insane…

      • mook

        You know the tard table huh…

        Is that your wife sitting across from him?

        • Josh

          No… no. I was part of the genius slacker group throughout high school. I only knew of him really because of my 7th grade music class where I had to sit right next to him.

          It wasn't a fun time at all.

          • I don't believe you

            I call BS on all your outrageous claims sir.

          • Zmarrs

            What school was this?

  • Joe K

    Wasnt 'I can count to potato' from the movie The Ringer..?

    • StevieB

      Way to tell everyone you saw the Ringer

      • StevieB

        Though come to think of it, I knew it's from the Ringer and I haven't seen it. So whether you've seen it is still ambiguous. My bad.

  • Casey


  • other josh

    i get it he missed used “to” write? its supposed to be two….

    • mook

      I hope Josh rapes you.

  • goposaur

    this will always be funny

  • Lee Diego Shikamaru

    I concur Cameron, I am Spanish & I hate Mexicans (fucking mustard bastados) gingers (ugly orange cunts)…………………….CHIDORI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emiliano Del Roso Ramirez Taco Faijita

    Im Messican I sell my kids for chickens…. jajajaja

  • David Weinstein

    Does your foldskin grow back?

  • Ahmed Ali

    Fuck you you Jewish cunt, my dick is bigger because Im a Muslim Die JEW DIE JEW

  • Ching Waang Lang Tai Park Yoong Bum Soo Dong Sin Duung Jaa Ong Bak Ashitaka Hiro Chachan Kainika

    Fuck you all I bomb You

  • potato man

    cristian lopez should die

  • pen island

    i like dildos

  • cristian lopez

    i love mexicans

  • Mr.Peter.File

    i like raping

  • Black Person Number 28846950


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