Deadly Mt Huashan hiking trail in China (14 photos)

It’s called the Mt Huashan Hiking Trail, it has claimed many lives and I want to hike it.
a china cliff hike trail 0 Deadly Mt Huashan hiking trail in China (14 photos)

  • xclusive02

    OMG! I Couldn’t handle this. I would die, and then fall off the cliff

  • n2s

    hmh looks safe

  • Anonymous

    Looks like fun

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  • robin yates

    extremely scary if you don’t like heights

  • Max

    Great pictures.
    But pic nr 7 is from halvdome, Yosemite National Park USA.

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  • Xavier

    I've actually been there! Although I didn't do the dangerous bit! Very beautiful place to visit!

  • samrocks

    piz tack care….please dont jump the high levle and safe to u…………
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  • kdeely

    #8 is half-dome in california, not the huashan trail in china….

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  • Cinnah

    Not only.. uh… no, but uh…. HELL TO THE NO!

  • anon

    Yea. This is a f**king repost. Give some credit to and take your logo off of the photos. Those aren't yours. Facist.

  • Kathy

    Yes, #8 is not huashan trail in china but the cable route at it's base on Half Dome. Makes me wonder if the rest of the pics are all from Huashan. Still, it looks pretty darned scary. 😮

  • jehad


  • Chris

    Picture #8 is of the Half Dome Cables in California, USA. FWIW

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