Compare girls on Friday to Monday (8 photos)

a girls friday monday makeover 2 Compare girls on Friday to Monday (8 photos)

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  • suzanna

    all of these women are beautiful either way – most of them moreso on the right!

  • Ayda

    Yeah I thought that quite a few of them looked better before the makeover. 5th one down and the last one to be specific.

  • Ales

    They are look way better on the right side of pictures

  • HarryBalszak

    Deceitful wenches. Every one of them.

  • forge

    The righthand photos are way, way prettier. I think that was the intent of this piece. More makeup and more hairstyle isn’t always better; these girls are genetically blessed in the first place.

  • Vikas singh

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    Friday is the way to go, screw Monday's.


    Screw Monday, Friday is way better.

  • roberto

    you’re right

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