Girls who belong to 'Lower Back Problems' Facebook Group (21 photos)

a myspace girls boobs 7 Girls who belong to 'Lower Back Problems' Facebook Group  (21 photos)

*All images sent by users, not taken directly from Facebook

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  • swankee


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  • tery

    number 7 is pornstar jenna doll and that picture is from an amazing video 🙂

    • dt546

      i was going to post this, she is AWESOME!

    • The name of the video would be appreciated :)


  • haeder

    i love nice boobs

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  • abilities651


  • Nathan

    I kid you not, one of those is my girlfriend and one is of her little sister, in two separate photos. Not inconceivable that someone is friends with both of them, but still terrifying nonetheless since her sister is way younger than she looks.

  • jim

    who is number 16?

  • Jim Bill Bob

    Who is 14 down? Dayum!

  • Jim Bill Bob

    16 is Nikara, and she only takes it in the butt -tut-tut!

  • Steve O

    Like Al Bundy said:

    “Hooters, hooters
    Yum yum yum
    Hooters, hooters
    On a girl that’s dumb.”

  • The Mighty Boosh

    Screw all your weak opinions. Number #8 is clearly the winner

    And the person who can either provide a name or a photo sans the hair of hiding wins a gold star

    Possibly two

  • tanzeem


  • tanzeem

    i got my part erected

  • Anonymous

    Really amazing

  • zxkxc

    o,my god!!\

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  • Anonymous

    I could take off these girls’ tops very quickly.

  • purist

    Too many negroes.

  • Anonymous

    bonjour comment tu vas,je suis un jeune garçon vivant àau congo brazzaville j’ai aprecier vos photo tu es tres belle

  • mcfaz

    who is number 3?

  • God

    Who’s number 3 down, I’d like to get her number

  • Hippo

    Wow, nice 😀

  • Micky

    I'm feeling kind of emotional after that!

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