Lingerie Day in Brazil (13 photos)

a brazil lingerie day 6 Lingerie Day in Brazil (13 photos)
Throves of half-naked models took over the streets of Brasília yesterday in the afternoon to celebrate the third annual National Underwear Day, organized by fashion website Finíssimo.

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  • cindy

    Well, Very interesting topic… I will tell my friend and they will like this. Thanks…

  • onesource

    Nice lingerie and great photo

  • ian

    Nice post. Too many dudes though. Why not post the dudes and chicks seperately for the different audiemces.

  • 960018

    Hey, I live in Brasília and never heard of that. That’s bad. And I thought nothing nice happened in Brasília.
    I’ll keep an eye on that. No more information on the site, though.

  • gOOOOOU!

    yeah im with Ian… totally gay

  • Emperor-Elect

    insecurity……………. gooooou and Ian..

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