A. Anorexic B. Photoshop C. Disgusting D. All the above (7 photos)

a crack skinny anorexia 3 A. Anorexic  B. Photoshop  C. Disgusting  D. All the above (7 photos)

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  • Anonymous

    D: All of the above.

    • Ignorance

      Actually they were all normal size girls but the photographer Photoshopped them to look anorexic so that the modeling world can open their eyes to see what they made others become. The photoshoot is something like __ kilos. (Around 70 american pounds.)
      Get your facts straight.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    they look unbalievable, she looks as is she is about to snap.

  • niggerCunt

    lol, eat something. She needs a good hard long (5 hour) spanking, though I’d recommend using a paddle or something instead of the hand, because though it would be a VERY nice ass to spank; it would most likely hurt your hand after several smacks, due to the bones sticking out!

  • hellloo

    I Really wanna look like that!!!
    I’m serious!!!

    • lolololol

      hellloo, Franky, sss, jeszica, marvin and Naancy you r all freacking twits i may only be ks3 but i now lots. i almost look anirexic yself but thank god i’ not. i’m a bit like Blargh friend, i lv food but i cant put any weight on. my skins v rinkly because i have no fat to stretch it, its horrid i men i can see most of my veins on my arms and can c the shape of my bones. on my arms and fingers i’m like a scelintion with skin. and it mkes me look terrible from the hips upwars, including my exma!! i haven’t even had a boyfriiend, where somegirls have had tones.!.
      i hate anorexic people, i dont have them personaly just mently there not fat no-ones fat. what would you call the”world” if it ws human,hey. i can’t say anny more 4 now.lol plz reply.lol lol ol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

  • Anonymous

    Sad thing is she probably still thinks she looks fat.

  • marvin

    sexy as fuck

    • derek

      i agree

  • robin yates

    she is mentally ill,,,,,, needs help not laughter or idiot comments

  • jeszica

    she is beautiful

  • Eamer

    I think its just art photography. I don’t think that thats an actual person that is that skinny..

  • sss

    she is gorgeous

  • bugs funny

    How can anyone say that she’s great? Anybody wonder why we didn’t get to see her face? In every photo she wears a wig. In severe cases like this, hair and teeth are falling, to say the least. I hope she can recover from this illness asap.
    By the way the photos are great, but many times photographers have potrayed “death” and disasters beautifully, that doesn’t mean they really are.

  • DarkMagic

    she looks like a barbie doll. she need’s help! i feel so sorry for people like this. they think they are fat, but they are really skinny they just don’t see it 😦

    • :( <3

      She is perfection. I want her body

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  • kentuckycactus

    you look great *rolls eyes, bites sandwich*

  • sarah

    It’s sad not sexy. Is she beautiful? I can’t tell can’t see her face, skinny can be sexy, but not at the hand of a disease like anorexia. And as for the men or women who laugh at this or encourage it, what do you think that mindset will do to a daughter or son if you ever have one. As a woman who struggled with bulemia/anorexia, I can tell you what the wig is hiding, yellow or broken teeth, hair loss, small fine hairs on the skin which the bodies defence to keep warm, the pretty alabaster skin- a vitamin deficiancy most likely iron, add to that heart disease, kidney failure. not as sexy or funny now is it? As for me I’m lucky to have good teeth, recovered hair, heathly heart, but yes kidney failure and vitamin and mineral deficancy even years later. And my boobs grew back so plus for me!! Sadly my sister followed the same path as I. Body dismorphia of any kind is not a joke. It’s just sad. Note: Anorexia is the one of the fastest growing mental illnesses among adolesent boys. Not just a girls disease anymore. excuse the essay.

  • bingequeen

    there photos were taken by a professional photographer, ive been trying to find these specific ones for a while and their on her website. their photoshopped Eating disorder images. comon people, be real. use your heads.

  • Loli

    I had a friend who had a body type very much like that, she was extremly tall and skinny, she DID NOT have an eating disorder. While these images may be shopped some people do have bodies that are similar to this natuarlly.

  • Dan

    In the last one she has a big foot.

  • momo

    I feel like thats actually a guyy,lol
    like the bit of the face you see,and the feet,
    a skinny feminine guy,wearing wigs maybe

  • ts

    eat some mcdonalds… every day every meal 3 times a day!

  • Franky

    Man, she’s hot. All you fat 80lb+ cows need to take a leaf out of her book.

    • Lauren

      80lbs is underweight you twat

      • :( <3

        Shut up you fat cow. You are just jealous you cant have her body

  • Andy

    Guys, just read the headline – these photos are photoshopped (although it’s done very well)!

    also nobody can’t be that skinny without visible bones and veins…

  • Blargh

    I work with a girl who is literally 98lbs, and she looks that thin. And she eats all the fucking time. Its just genetics, its her mom only weighs like 10lbs more than her.

  • Anonymous

    Did you not read? The title says photoshop!!

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