This is my greatest fear in life (5 photos)

a snake cobra toilet 0 This is my greatest fear in life (5 photos)

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  • bathroom suite

    ah this is my worst nightmare!!!!!!! i would actually poo my pants
    saz xx

  • Matt

    snakes on a plane, snakes in a toilet…those slithery little bastards are everywhere trying to kill us!

  • balta.lapa

    kill, kill it with fire!!

  • Rae

    Oh man. This happened to me in Florida, thank God it was only a garter snake. That toilet got flushed quite a few times, believe me.

  • robin yates

    why panic ?,,,,, the snake is ok where he is until you want to catch him,,,,,,,,,,,,no need whatsoever to smash the toilet bowl

  • Tofte

    I would use a potty for the rest of my life if it happened to me…

  • Weezy

    I check every time!

  • Equalizer

    That won’t help

  • rso

    nooo! no no no no no no!!!!! noooooooooooooooooooooo! no no no no! no no no! o god noooooo!!!!!!!!!

  • C. Rapper

    No!!!!!! I viewed this while on the throne!! Guaranteed nightmares tonight

  • Melloney

    This makes eevrything so completely painless.

  • murph

    thats a small bathroom

  • Dave Gut

    Looks like someone needs some grout work.

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