Exact replica Pam Anderson doll (14 photos)

a life size pamela anderson doll 0 Exact replica Pam Anderson doll (14 photos)

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  • Amanda

    Drawn-on eyebrows, over-processed fake blond hair, and completely vacant expression – They got it exactly right! XD

  • Eddie

    Eh, even in the completed stage, it still reeks of the Uncanny Valley Effect to me. On the other hand, as Amanda aptly pointed out, the real Pamela Anderson ain’t much better.

  • Jen

    whoever drew on her eyebrows clearly doesnt know what they are doing

    • Cindy

      Your so stupid….your a fat ass your just jealous,u only wish u could be as pretty as her,u nasty redneck bitch

      • LP0716

        Well that escalated quickly!

  • philo2g

    FAIL…..mouth doesn't open!!!

    • Maynard B

      that's not necessarily a bad quality in some women.

    • Cindy

      U can only get a blow up doll that's so sad loser.

  • me

    philo2g, that’s a plus

  • junephilippines

    its pamela… hehehe

  • jozef

    i’d hit it!

  • robin yates

    why on earth would someone want a model of her ???

  • rudeboi

    it’s amazing how they could capture all of her slutiness.

  • Matt M.

    As if she wasn’t fake enough!!!
    What’s next, a Joan Rivers one???

  • Maddie

    the doll looks more real than the actual pam anderson. and better.

  • D-Ork

    It’s so realistic that you can catch Hep C from it/

  • willyfisterbottom

    Almost exact. Still needs a black eye from tommy and a diminished self respect.

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  • SG34

    i bet someone motorboated those even faker ones…..

  • http://www.chickslovethecar.com Jason

    Its by a guy named Bobby Causey, hes responsible for many sculptures, as well as worked with the man who made the replica Tumbler that seems to show up everywhere, Bob Dollam. Here are some sites for their work: http://bobdullam.com/ and http://www.dullam-causey.com/ Long live the Chive!

  • idonthave1

    Now sold in Japan.

    • FuckOff

      …………..In a vending machine

      • Benny

        at an elementary school

  • yoyo

    Is it possible to open the mouth :->


  • sherida

    I think its AMAZING!!!! Looks just like Pam!!!! ❤

  • Urewelcome

    Looked like Sinead O'conner without the hair

  • Rick

    i secretly want one of megan fox anatomically correct of coarse. Is that wrong?

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