• Raydog

    That’s just wrong. Well, except for tailgating!


    That looks excellent!! May have to make it for my next meal!! YUMMY!!

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  • Rob

    Now just batter that bad boy up and deep fry it, and it’ll be complete.

  • MK

    what about stuffing the burger with Hot Pockets and putting quesadillas between the pizza’s?

  • Joe

    Let’s see, it has bacon on it, therefore it must be good.

  • Huey in Houston

    Dude- gonna try it- that’s directions to Tastytown- with a capital T- No wimps Allowed! Righteous Bro- Hope the wife cleans up behind the Posse- NOT!! Hey man just saying thanks to you I’m gonna make Brat Patties this weekend- Peace-Out

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  • Loves Pizza and Burgers

    Looks awesome but is a recipe for a heart attack.

  • Amanda

    My chest suddenly feels all tight… and what is this? My arm’s gone completely numb? That ain’t good…

  • Jake

    Oh my god, that looks disgusting.

  • Tina

    In this day and age where health care costs are skyrocketing and the United States has an epidemic of obesity, that recipe should be illegal (seriously.) Anyone who makes that should be arrested for abuse!

  • Greg

    HAHAHAHHA Is this a suicide attempt

  • D:

    Wow, i cant begin to imagine the amount of calories and fat in that.

  • Perfect

    No way dude that’s legit. He baked the hamburger so it’s all good.

  • Kohen

    that looks nasty as hell! gag!

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  • Anonymous

    I’d rather eat my wife’s afterbirth

  • Andy

    I had a heart attack just looking at that thing! Can’t imagine eating it!

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  • Ordinix

    mm. cognitively

  • Oprah

    Dang dat looks finger lickin’ good!

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