90 year-old who took his scooter onto the highway gets photoshopped (20 Photos)

scooter guy lead 90 year old who took his scooter onto the highway gets photoshopped (20 Photos)

Last week, Stanley Murphy, 90, took one wrong turn on his 8 mph mobility scooter and ended up on a busy dual carriageway with cars and semis thundering past him at speed. The incident has since become famous and now the photoshop pranksters neogaf.com are putting their two cents in…and it’s funny as hell.

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  • Carlos MV


  • tahrey

    The thing is, all he would have needed to make that escapade entirely legal was a flashing orange beacon light on his scooter…. o_O
    (its true: look it up)

  • junephilippines

    the great photoshopped pic is with the joker in it… 🙂

  • kenny

    90-year-old Stanley Murphy ended up on the six-lane A27 at Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, after taking a wrong turning on the way to the shops. Thankfully, in this case the pensioner was rescued by a passing truck driver who then called the police.
    West Sussex is in England,in case you didnt know

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