Hot Right Now: Burn your Bra and join the revolution! (40 Photos)

Daily Afternoon Randomness 3.03.09 (20 Photos)

moon man lead Daily Afternoon Randomness 3.03.09 (20 Photos)

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  • j

    Holland? That’s an Englishman and a Portuguese playing for an English club.


    • Leonardo

      Is that not the paddy Wayne Rooney?

  • Chris

    The fifth from last picture isn’t from Holland it’s from England. Idiots.

  • Billy

    haha, yeah the other guys are right. There is nothing to do with Holland in that ‘motivational’ picture. Someone should re-do it and put ‘Americans making motivational pictures …FAIL’

    • Ranger Danger

      Someone should take a picture of your post and put “jumping to conclusions FAIL”

  • junephilippines

    hahaha… the first pic is the funniest!

  • Chris

    something tells me that the guy laying in the tub with the cat is the closest hes gonna come to “pussy” for quite some time. haha

  • stafferty

    Regardless of who is in the picture, i think we can all agree that both Holland and England are very gay

    • Mr Hollandia

      drugs are bad mmkay.. I have to admit there are a lot of gay people in Holland, but nog all of them. I can tell since I'm from holland, where the f*ck you from?

      • Chief Slapahoe

        I'm from Holland, Where the fuck are you from? I do the number one drug, called Heineken!

  • kales

    So much win!

  • Nicnac

    dude that wolf-baiting picture has to go. Why not continue posting until the wolf is ripped to shreds?

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