Daily morning randomness 3.4.09 (28 photos)

a random funny hilarious asc 9 Daily morning randomness 3.4.09 (28 photos)

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  • robin yates

    all good,,,,,,,, some superb like the plane breaking the sound barrier

  • AG123

    “Smeagol” appears to be a little girl with progeria. That’s real f***ing funny.

    • Mattythegooch

      hahaha, you said it!! Hahahaha!

  • Anonymous

    Hey you guuuys……look at my new bikey.

  • Jay

    That “Smeagol” shit isnt funny. The ones who do find it funny are fat, ugly, immature losers with small dicks.

  • at work

    who are those two female athletes eyeing each other?

  • Jeff Todd

    They're both porn stars actually.

  • LT B

    I keep staring at #19 hoping they will kiss.

  • Rachel

    I think you can find enough funny pictures with out using a little girl with Progeria. Just read all the sweet stuff the chive is doing for Lili. This is a step backwards don't ya think?

  • Huh?

    Lighten up Jay. It’s just life, laugh a little and you’ll enjoy it more.

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