Emergency vampire kit (5 photos)

emergency zombit vampire kit 0 Emergency vampire kit (5 photos)

This is an authentic vampire defense kit made by a Transylvanian monk over 100 years ago. It comes complete with multiple crucifixes, a wooden hammer, holy water viles, a silver knife, a syringe, garlic, red serum, blue serum, a bottle of “secret potion” -and last but not least, forceps to remove the vampire teeth after slaying one.

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  • JG

    That’s pretty sweet.

  • Signe

    Yeah, those things are cool… I read a lot about old creepy eerie things and such. Oh and by the way, I notice now that the site is still pretty slow… I think it’s all the ads and all the “random posts”/”random galleries”/”related galleries”-links everywhere. Great site though!

  • Lasherman

    I’m just wondering what the red and blue ‘serums’ are.

  • Equalizer

    The only problem is how heavy is that kit if you’re going to carry it while running away from those vampires!…

  • Vicarious

    Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

  • miko4372520

    they say vampires don’t exist but seeing an authentic vampire defense kit makes you wonder, no?

  • Serge

    they forgot the anti-gay sparkle potion

  • brandon

    OK, now we look for Edward Cullen.

  • Marty


  • irazz

    inspirated by twilight

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