Robots are starting to freak me out, man (30 Photos)

robots freak me lead Robots are starting to freak me out, man (30 Photos)

From Boston’s Big Picture.

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  • Eddie

    #1: “You. Wantsomemore?”

    A few of these really help demonstrate the uncanny valley effect.

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  • robin yates

    the american military are now training more “drone” controllers than airmen,, there is also a scenario well forward, to have robot combat troops,,,,,,,,,

  • ken

    Robin: What’s the world coming to? If we are going to kill people in impersonal ways, let’s do it the old fashioned way….with bombs!

    Actually, the drones have been a tremendous success, from what I understand.

  • Dingo

    can’t wait for the giant robots

  • LegionDairy

    yates, youre not 100% correct there. the objective of the u.s. military is to always have humanity involved, and never removed from the battlefield, but to reduce the loss of human life by utilizing robotics by way of remote control. so no, there isnt ever going to be sentient machines employed by the military. ever. i had them watch terminator 3, and i think they got the idea.

    btw, wtf nasa, millions of dollars of funding, and these funky ass creations are all you can come up with?!? jesus, hollywood is doing better than you.

  • Rob

    I miss Battlebots….

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