Annual twins festival is creepy (23 photos)

a annual twins festival pictures 21 Annual twins festival is creepy (23 photos)

This annual festival in takes place in Twinsburg, Ohio (no shit) and we recommend attending this event high on shrooms. Here’s an excerpt from their website,

…while the Friday evening Welcome Wiener Roast is for registered twins and their families only, the festival grounds are open to the public. Admission to the grounds for the public, non-registered twins, and families of registered twins is $3.00/person per day.

aka -the twins unknowingly headline a freakshow for spectators on Saturday.

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    Do Want to see Twin

    “Search This site To See twin”

  • fadillah


  • zxcbdbz

    i live there!

  • Weezy

    notice that in most of the pairs one of the “identical” twins is just a little hotter than the other?

  • Sheng

    copy paste is full of win

  • Santa

    You're the freak you twat – speaking about human beings like that.

  • Andy

    I don't see what is so creepy about it or what makes it a freak show. My wife is a twin, as are my kids and a pair of one sisters kids.

    But yeah, I got the hot one.

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