If State signs were more truthful (14 Photos)

state signs lead If State signs were more truthful (14 Photos)

Brought to you by the insane minds at Holy Taco.

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  • Eddie

    “Welcome to Texas. Now get the fuck out.” Heeeeee.

  • Gretchen

    Welcome to Texas – ya'll come back and don't let the door hit you in the ass!!! (I can say that because I was born and raised here) Why don't we just secede and become our own country already???????????

    • Anomanom

      Please do.

  • Hanne

    LOL I just found out the state of Texas is bigger than quite a few countries!! 😛

    And haha…welcome to Iowa…I hope you brought something to do :L

  • Roman

    New hampshire, “you wont believe how white we are” haha totally true i likved there and it was just like that… besides i was the only tan kid in the whole school

  • robin yates

    politicians, govenors,local township mayors telling the truth ! don’t be so silly !!!

  • Nolan H

    Does anyone know what the Kentucky one means? I don’t get it…

    • steven frijoles

      …you dont know what "were going to put it in your butthole" means?

  • http://webwanderings.wordpress.com/2009/07/31/funny-us-state-signs/ Funny US State signs « Web Wanderings

    […] clipped from thechive.com […]

  • Anna

    Awesome XD

  • gOOOOOU!


  • mssugarkane

    TEXAS FTW!!! 😉

  • abe

    Where in New York is that. It is really like that in the Adirondacks. Its sad but the us locals would be a lot cooler if you were a sexxy chivette instead of a dumb jersey city prick that trashes the place.

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