Celebrities at their worst! (20 photos)

a ugly celebrity pics 3 Celebrities at their worst! (20 photos)

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  • Amanda

    An awful photo of Amy Winehouse? That’s kind of a gimme, don’tcha think? ^_~

  • Bridget

    Love Bono’s mullet.

    And Sharon and Ozzy? o_O

  • Chris

    Avril and Nelly are still smoking hot…

    • meddows


  • xclusive02

    Ha. Great pics. Sharron and Ozzy cracked me up. Amy Whinehouse always looks like shit

  • Steve

    Poor man. Poor. There are literally about 1000 other pictures of Amy Winohouse looking like shit. And the one of Jessica Simpson is just wank. What about the fact that shes really fat now? Poor.

  • Dash

    Oh, come on. That’s one of the least unflattering pictures of Winehouse I’ve ever seen.

  • jenna

    lol the elton john one is hilarious

  • Keith

    The one name missing is Kelis

  • Frankie Muniz

    I wouldn't f*** Amy Winehouse with Osama Bin Laden's dick.

  • Lulatsch

    They should make a new Post with Charlie Sheen…

  • dsf\f bhsw\hbws


  • George O.

    It's just me or Amy Winehouse looks like always, I think she's great singer but……well RIP.

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