Surreal artist Josh Sommers (17 photos)

a surreal artist josh sommers 7 Surreal artist Josh Sommers (17 photos)

Show Josh Sommers some love and check out the rest of his badass work HERE. Do it!

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  • Butcherboy187


  • junephilippines

    the last one’s the best

  • bob

    bit self obsessed?

    • Josh

      Not self-obsessed dick, I just don’t have any models to work with.

  • Anonymous


  • Maynard B

    That's some crazy shit. I don't know whether to laugh or scream

  • uriel578

    In the past I have experienced many of these images as a state of my own mind.
    I feel better when someone creates something I can relate to, as I do not easily relate to normalcy, but of course that is not an intense experience.

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