Weekend randomness 2.7.09 (40 photos)

a random funny pictures 3e 12 Weekend randomness 2.7.09 (40 photos)

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  • anonymous


  • Viewer

    wow, did the photoshop quality drop on some of these, some of those look like first attempts at photoshop, lame

  • Lagas5

    Aahah.. if there will be bras with rubic's cubes i'm god damn lucky that i know how to solve it in less than 14 seconds 😀

    • Martin

      I doubt it, because the world record is 2 min., 44 seconds. Look it up.

  • http://vulpes-aurum.deviantart.com/ Dank Afro Nugs Grape

    Free hugs? Okay!

  • Equalizer

    3rd pics is HOT, last pics is FUNNY

  • Anthraxprincess

    Even as a chick, I must say that Carrie is quite hot…

  • Amy

    So… Halo outfit is kinda hot.

  • https://www.facebook.com/whenwillwelearn.kevin Kevin Fenton

    It's Russ from Unsupervised !!! http://thechive.com/2009/03/07/weekend-randomness

  • Rbin

    Looks like British Heinz beans (Can colour).

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